Baking Essentials


I love baking. I love the smells and the mess in the kitchen, when am baking. Forget the smells, I love entering my kitchen, when it is for baking.

In this post, let me list out few of the baking essentials. This post is for those, who want to bake, are sitting under the cloud of doubts and hence haven’t taken the plunge. Baking is fun, just go for it!

In my early days of baking, I wasn’t sure if I would love it and will sustain this hobby for life. Hence, I went for a smaller oven. In the retrospect, it was a bad decision. The time and electricity required to say bake 24 muffins is double vis-à-vis when baked in one lot. God help you, if you decide to bake a rainbow cake. That said, choose your oven wisely.


Once that big purchase is done, get these:

  1. Measuring cups and measuring spoons
  2. Measuring jar / mug – for measuring liquids
  3. Hand mixer (a standalone mixer is a delight to have specially to prepare large batches of dough)
    Whisk – Certain recipes ask for a gentle hand mixing of the batter than an electric mixer
  4. Mittens
  5. Moulds / baking pans – for cakes and cupcakes / muffins. For cakes invest in a loose bottom mould. It’s easy to take the cakes off your mould
  6. Measuring scale – Get a digital one. Saves time and is more accurate
  7. Sieve – To incorporate the baking powder, cocoa etc into the flour, almost all the recipes ask for sieving. It also ensures that you get rid of knots in the flour which could have formed due to moisture / weather conditions
  8. Silicon spatula
  9. Cookie cutter – when you are baking with kids; its quite useful. Kids love to give shapes to the cookies and feel important doing it 🙂
  10. Baking tray – for cookies (you line the tray with baking sheet or use a silicon sheet before
  11. Pastry brush – to give that lovely shiny glaze to your cakes and pastries
    Baking sheet / parchment paper
  12. Bottle spray – to spray the cake with sugar syrup etc


Try your hand at some simple recipes and make yourself comfortable.


Simple Sponge Cake

Simple Carrot Cake

Simple Coconut Cake

Chocolate Muffin Recipe 

Chocolate Banana Cake

Healthy Muffins

Simple Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Simple Tea Cake


Once you are at ease with baking make round two to the market and invest in

  1. Cake cutter / leveller with height adjustable saw – Great to get that clean cut through the centre of the cake
  2. Disposable piping bags
  3. Piping nozzles (most common ones are star nozzle and the piping nozzle)
  4. Edible colors
  5. Rolling pin and shape cutters – Am not a great fan of fondant icing. But if you are then, get these
  6. Rolling Cake stand – 360 degree roll is useful while icing the cake
  7. Sprinkles and other sugar crafts to decorate your cake / cupcake

I usually use whipped cream topping or butter icing for my cakes. Here are few Icing recipes that you can try.

Check out some simple but divine tasting cakes with icing

White Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake


Hope you found this article useful..

Happy baking!

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