Chocolate Pops

Left with Cake scraps? Or, as in my case, leftover tea cake from the market that noone wanted? :$
Cake gets a makeover for a post school treat 😀 …. There you go – Chocolate pops!


Chocolate Pops
Chocolate Pops


  1. Take a plain cake
  2. Powder it with your hand
  3. Pour warm melted chocolate*
  4. Mix it well
  5. Refrigerate till hard
  6. Take it out and make balls
  7. Roll it around pop stick or ice-cream stick and roll it in sprinkles…


*Place a bowl with chocolate over a bowl of simmering hot water till the chocolate melts or else heat fresh cream and toss in, chocolate into it, mix till its melts completely

Kids simply love this one! You can even try them to make the balls and roll it in sprinkles for you!

Till next time!

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