Rasam Recipes


Considered the “Soup of South India”, Rasam as a name is quite popular across India. Rasam which in Tamil means juice is known by different names in the other southern states of India. It’s a brilliant appetizer; hence you might find many of the restaurants down south serving it in small steel tumblers for you to sip before you start your main course.

However, there is no hard and fast rule. In my home, rasam was and still is one of the main dish served with rice along with other curries and side dishes; mostly for lunch. Apparently, it’s light on your tummy and very good for your digestion as well.

Drink or eat it with rice; totally your call. Oh btw, I have had my mother using rasam as the water used for pani puris as well :). Who thought cooking wasn’t creative?

Coming up next on Akshayapatram few Rasam recipes….

Till then…happy cooking! 🙂

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