Bean Salad

Bean Salad Pic: Priya Q
Bean Salad Pic: Priya Q


To make my experience with salad making interesting, I experiment. This is one such experiment which turned out well and I thought of sharing this with you 🙂

Beans – 100 gms (boiled with little salt) – I used broad beans

Red bell pepper – 1 no ( chopped into small chunks)

Processed Cheese cube / any hard cheese of your choice – cut into chunks

Mixed herbs – 1/2 to 1 tsp  (I used Russian spice which was a mix of oregano, thyme, parsley and fenugreek leaves)

  1. Toss everything together and your delicious salad is ready.
  2. Serve warm or cold!

Till next time….happy cooking!


Cooking Isn’t Rocket Science!!

Cooking definitely is not rocket science. A bit of planning and a bit of organised approach and last but not the least some creativity and you are spot on 🙂

Coming up next on Akshayapatram is single’s special. I will bring to you few quick recipes and recipes shared by my guest contributors who are single and love cooking. Their recipes necessarily might not be quick cooking but a bit of planning on your part can ensure you have a decent meal everyday despite your busy schedules.

Here are few kitchen tips    from my kitchen. These are few things I used to do when I was single and I still do when am a mom! A little bit of planning can reduce the time you spend in the kitchen. It really makes your life simple.

I take out some time out every weekend and stack my fridge with the some of the following (depending on what I plan to cook in the coming week)

  1. Boiled eggs (you can use it for sandwiches / salads / egg curry)
  2. Chopped veggies (as per my usage in next 5 days) and store it in air tight containers (use it up for salads or cook it as a main dish with your rice or Indian breads)
  3. Onion – tomato fried paste
  4. Boiled pasta (little quantity) …I love pastas and I end up using it for my salads too
  5. Sausages or Grilled chicken cubes (healthier option) …it’s quite handy for that quick sandwich when you are in a mood for a quick bite. Besides you can put it in your salad too!
  6. Sprouted moong ((use it up for salads or cook it as a main dish with your rice or Indian breads)
  7. Kneaded dough (coat it with oil and store it in an airtight container to avoid it getting black.)
  8. Boiled potatoes (for a quick sandwich or aloo paratha or salads)

Other things you can look at stacking your kitchen with are

  • Salad Seasonings
  • Salad Dressings (sometime I use them for my sandwiches!)

Have fun cooking! 🙂

Kerala recipes – Non veg special

As promised in my earlier message, month of September is dedicated to all you Non veggie food lovers

In Malayalam irachi means meat of any type. The word irachi is prefixed with words like Kozhi (pronounced as KoRRi) for chicken, panni for pig and likewise…

Coming up for the next few days few non veg specialties from Kerala

Enjoy the month for fish and meat….:)

Happy cooking, hosting and eating!

Onam Asamsakkal!

Team 1 creativity rocks at Kieon
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kieon

Tomorrow is Onam and I have shared with you few of the recipes for food made especially for the festival like

Avial , Kalan, Thoran, Sambar, Olan, Kootukari,Pachadi, Erissery, Pulinji, mango curry and payasam.

Serve all of this on a washed and wiped plantain leaf along with steaming boiled rice, papddams, banana chips and fried banana chips in molasses (sarakaraupperi). You can either serve it on a table or go the traditional way of sitting on the floor!

Hope you have fun making it all!

Wishing you all a happy Onam 🙂

August – September is the month for recipes from Malabar Kerala

Onam vannae
Creative Commons License photo credit: George Augustine

Onam this year is falling in the month of August. Onam, the most important festival for Keralites is celebrated across the state for 10 days amidst equal enthusiasm from all malayalees irrespective of their caste or religion.

Onam sadya or Onasadya is the grand feast made on the main day of Onam (thiruonam). Onam sadya traditionally comprises of 11 to 13 essential dishes however, these days people have started restricting to 6-9 dishes not only because of paucity of time but also diminishing consumption of food by the weight watchers. Onasadya is served on a banana leaf and people generally sit on the floor to have their meals.

In the spirit of Onam, I thought why not share all good Kerala recipes with you? Including the ones made specifically for the festival.

Sadya is purely vegetarian but all you non vegetarian food lovers don’t be upset, for I plan to dedicate the month of September just to you 🙂

So coming up this month and the next……few delectable, very healthy, coconut-y and not so coconut-y, spicy as well as moderately spiced Kerala recipes.

Rasam Recipes


Considered the “Soup of South India”, Rasam as a name is quite popular across India. Rasam which in Tamil means juice is known by different names in the other southern states of India. It’s a brilliant appetizer; hence you might find many of the restaurants down south serving it in small steel tumblers for you to sip before you start your main course.

However, there is no hard and fast rule. In my home, rasam was and still is one of the main dish served with rice along with other curries and side dishes; mostly for lunch. Apparently, it’s light on your tummy and very good for your digestion as well.

Drink or eat it with rice; totally your call. Oh btw, I have had my mother using rasam as the water used for pani puris as well :). Who thought cooking wasn’t creative?

Coming up next on Akshayapatram few Rasam recipes….

Till then…happy cooking! 🙂

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Coming up next : Chutney Week

Creative Commons License photo credit: Matt Seppings

Sweet, hot, tangy or sour chutneys (or sauce) can be of very many types prepared using various vegetables and spices. It not only goes well as an accompaniment with the main course but also serves well with snacks. Quite simple to make chutneys are a must store for any one who has to whip up snacks in no time! For example houses with kids? 🙂

Chutney primarily a Hindi word has found its way into English vocabulary due to its popularity.  Coming up next on Akshayapatram varied range of chutney preparations for you..

it goes without saying that chutney recipes from your kitchen are most welcome:)

happy cooking!



Walnuts are extremely nutritious. There are various benefits of walnuts. Not only are they rich in protein but also vitamins B and E. They serve as good snack however, check how much you eat lest you want to put on some extra pounds / kilos. Walnuts if taken in moderate quantities are extremely good for health.

Week of March 15- 19, 2010, I would like to bring to you few walnut recipes. Hope you enjoy cooking, serving & eating them! 🙂

Do you have a walnut recipe on you? Send it across with a brief about yourself! Looking forward to your contributions!

Check out…Meals that heal inflammation by Julie Daniluk!

What does Sarah Merson say about benefits of walnut?

Walnuts and walnut oil contain protein, vitamin B6 and E, potassium, magnesium, copper & zinc, all of which help to keep us youthful. Vitamin B6 helps to prevent memory loss and protect the heart, while vitamin E maintains skin and hair. Both potassium and magnesium are good for the heart, and copper helps to prevent varicose veins. Zinc has a miraculous ability to rejuvenate the thymus gland and to boost immunity Walnut is a good source of fatty acids, central to skin and heart health.

Source: The top 100 foods for a younger you by Sarah Merson.

Sarah Merson is a freelance writer specializing in alternative health & nutrition. She works for the college of Naturopathic Medicine in the UK and is the author of The Top Traditional Remedies (DBP)


Well, yes…its has been some time since Akshayapatram has been hibernating and I do feel bad about it. Not that I had been plain lazy but there where other challenges both technical as well as personal I was grappling with. Now that atleast the technical snag has been corrected (phew!) am planning to get back to Akshayaptram if not with a bang but surely with some action.

So far I had been sharing recipes and only recipes. Here forward I thought that you might be interested in getting to know few of the tips and tricks that can make anybody’s day in the kitchen more efficient and hence pleasurable. So that’s one addition of a section and will be simply called ‘Kitchen tips’!.

Another thing I was looking at was may be a section on healthy eating? No preaching I promise for am no health consultant! But yes, whatever I have learnt over a period of time. I would definitely want to share with you. Whether you take it or leave will be totally your choice 🙂

Am also inviting you to share your recipes, tips and tricks etc for the website. Your recipes will go under section ‘Guest Kitchens’ with your picture (optional) and a brief about you and what you do. If you want to put your blog /company link here, it is possible. Mail me your contributions at cogitoergosumpriyaATgmailDOTcom with the subject line ‘Akshayapatram-Guest Kitchens’.

Last but not the least please do write to me if you have a suggestion or if there is some section you would like me to add to the blog.


Priya Q