Potato Rosti Recipe


A snack or a side dish, you can have Rosti or Roesti as any one of the option. I learnt to prepare one from Maya whom I have already introduced to you in my last few recipe blogs. Things are fairly simple in the west as you get item semi cooked from the market. You put in rest half of the effort and you have delightful plate on your table. For example the potatoes that were used here in this receipe were picked ready made in packets from the super market. In India, to my knowledge it is not available hence we need to do things from scratch…but don’t worry you will like the end result 🙂

Firm potatoes – 5 nos (big)

Butter – 2 tsp (optional)

  1. Cut the potatoes into thin strips and boil till cooked
  2. In a heated non stick pan add butter and potatoes
  3. Keep turning them gently
  4. Once crispy tap it around
  5. Turn it and keep getting the potatoes together from the sides so that everything stays together in the centre
  6. Keep turning till it nicely crisp and brown
  7. Serve it with steaks and salad…if not serve it sauce! I am sure the kids would love the latter!

Till next time….happy cooking!

Meet Maya yet again! 🙂