Well, yes…its has been some time since Akshayapatram has been hibernating and I do feel bad about it. Not that I had been plain lazy but there where other challenges both technical as well as personal I was grappling with. Now that atleast the technical snag has been corrected (phew!) am planning to get back to Akshayaptram if not with a bang but surely with some action.

So far I had been sharing recipes and only recipes. Here forward I thought that you might be interested in getting to know few of the tips and tricks that can make anybody’s day in the kitchen more efficient and hence pleasurable. So that’s one addition of a section and will be simply called ‘Kitchen tips’!.

Another thing I was looking at was may be a section on healthy eating? No preaching I promise for am no health consultant! But yes, whatever I have learnt over a period of time. I would definitely want to share with you. Whether you take it or leave will be totally your choice 🙂

Am also inviting you to share your recipes, tips and tricks etc for the website. Your recipes will go under section ‘Guest Kitchens’ with your picture (optional) and a brief about you and what you do. If you want to put your blog /company link here, it is possible. Mail me your contributions at cogitoergosumpriyaATgmailDOTcom with the subject line ‘Akshayapatram-Guest Kitchens’.

Last but not the least please do write to me if you have a suggestion or if there is some section you would like me to add to the blog.


Priya Q