Paratha Recipe


This one is a very simple recipe. Just combine everything together and roll out! 🙂

Recently, I heard a friend mentioning, how her parathas don’t turn out well. How I do it is – I heat my pan real hot while I roll out the paratha.. Add the rolled out dough, to the hot pan, and simmer the gas. Increase the heat as I flip it over. Repeat the flip, while keeping the flame constant. I add the ghee / oil second time around (flip).

If you do it differently, do leave it as a feedback 🙂 Meanwhile, here’s a paratha recipe using 3 different flours…


Wheat flour – 2 cups

Maize flour – 1 cup

Gram flour – 1 cup (besan)

Salt – 1/2 tsp

Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

Green chili – 1 tbsp

Fresh coriander – 1 and half tbsp

Ginger – 1 tsp (minced)

Onions – 1 medium ( finely chopped)

Clarified butter – 2 tbsp (ghee)


  1. Mix all the above ingredients by adding water little by little
  2. You should have a hard ball of dough. (do not add too much water)
  3. Make balls of dough of equal proportions
  4. Roll them out thick with the help of wheat flour (for dusting)
  5. Fry them on a hot pan both sides twice. Apply ghee on your second time flip.
  6. Serve hot with mint chutney / pickle / plain yogurt / dal


*if the pan is too hot simmer the gas

* instead of onions, you can add chopped spinach / fenugreek leaves


Till next time…. happy cooking! 🙂 



Upma Pic: Priya Q


Vegetable Upma

I love this tasty upma with the goodness of vegetables! Quite simple and easy to make!

Roasted Semolina / Suji – 1 cup
Onion – 1 no big
Coriander– finely chopped
Garlic – 2 flakes (finely chopped) – optional
Ginger – ½ inch (finely chopped)
Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
Gram dal or white lentils – 1 tsp (also called chana dal* / split Urad dal (without skin))
Chopped vegetables –1 cup (carrots, cauliflower, peas, etc)
Oil – 1 tbsp
Chilli powder – 1 tsp

Turmeric – 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Water – 2 cups
Lemon juice – 1 tsp

  1. Boil vegetables separately
  2. In a pan heat oil and add mustard seeds. Once its stops spluttering add Gram dal
  3. Now add Ginger and Garlic and sauté lightly
  4. Add onions and sauté
  5. Add boiled vegetables, chilli powder, turmeric, coriander leaves and sauté
  6. Add water and salt
  7. Once it boils add roasted semolina with continuous stirring, else lumps would form
  8. Close lid and cook on low flame for 10 seconds
  9. Open lid, sprinkle some lemon juice and stir
  10. Serve hot. You can team it up with pickle / coconut chutney


*Chana dal is dried, split chickpeas or garbanzo beans


till next time…. happy cooking!

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi Pic : Priya Q


Sabudana / Pearl Sago –  2 cups

Boiled pototoes – 1 cup (diced into cubes)

Plain Roasted Peanuts – 1/4 cup

Turmeric – 1/2 tsp

Chilli powder – 1/2 tsp

Fresh green chilli – 1-2 tsp (optional)

Onions – 1 cup (finely chopped)

Coriander  – 2 tbsp

Salt – 1/2 tsp

Lemon juice – 1 tbsp

salt to taste

Oil – 2 tbsp


  1. Take sabudana in a flat plate and sprinkle water. Keep mixing with hands to gauge how much more water is required. It should be nice and moist (not wet and sticky). Leave it aside. Sabudana actually soaks up the water nicely and increase in size.
  2. Heat oil and add onions to it. Fry nicely
  3. Add peanuts, chopped coriander, potatoes and sabudana. Mix gently without breaking the potatoes
  4. Add salt, chilli and turmeric. Mix
  5. If you still feel the sabudana is hard and chewy. Sprinkle water and close the vessel. Cook for few more minute on low flame.
  6. In the end add sugar and lemon juice. Mix well
  7. Garnish with fresh coriander
  8. Serve immediately


*In North India people have this during fast, for which you can omit onion. Add more potatoes instead!


till next time….happy cooking!










Dal Recipe

Dal Pic: Priya Q


Like my mom few of you will find this dish a bit bland…I somehow liked it when I had this at my aunt’s place…though my aunt doesn’t eat onions I have used it…Onions give a nice touch to it :))…… It tastes quite good with idiyappam …which I normally used to have with Vegetable Stew or Egg Curry…this dal recipe is a welcome variation to the combo !! and its unbelievably simple!


Chana dal – 1 cup ( dried split chickpeas)

Green Chilli – 1 to 2 nos (Split lengthwise)

Onion – 1 no (finely chopped)

Curry leaves – 3 to 4

Coconut Milk – 1/2 cup

Salt to taste


  1. Pressure cook the chana dal along with green chillies
  2. Remove the chilli from the cooked dal
  3. In a small pan fry curry leaves and chopped onions till golden brown and add to the dal
  4. Add coconut milk and salt
  5. Serve hot with idiyappams or rice


till next time…happy cooking!

Chickpea Curry

Chickpeas Curry Pic: Priya Q

Successful experiment by fluke is how I would describe this recipe. I had soaked chickpea the previous night and my maid didn’t turn up the next day. I was not in a good mood with so much of unexpected work thrown at me. Least to mention the chickpea I had planned for breakfast with some steaming puttu. So instead of usual recipe I decided to go an easy route…and it turned out quite delicious :))


Black Chickpeas – 2 cups (soaked overnight)

Chilli powder – 1 tsp + a pinch

Turmeric – 1/2 tsp + a pinch

Coriander powder – 3 tsp

Mustard seeds – 1 tsp

Salt to taste


Onion – 1 no. (big sized – sliced fine)

Coriander leaves for garnish


  1. Pressure cook chickpeas with a pinch of turmeric and chilli powder till soft and done
  2. Soak the masalas in few drops of water. Masala should be nicely damp
  3. In a pan add few tsp of oil and add mustard seeds when hot
  4. Once they splutter add the soaked masalas and fry for few seconds
  5. Add sliced onions and fry for few minutes
  6. Add the cooked chickpeas into the above pan and mix well
  7. Season and garnish with fresh coriander

Now wasn’t that simple!!? It tastes simply delicious. Serve it with out of rotis / bread


* the onions will be quite crisp and add a different texture to the dish 🙂

Till next time….happy cooking!





Adai Pic credit: Priya Q

Call it multigrain dosa or crepe / pancakes from South of India. Adai is a healthy meal that you can serve to your family for breakfast / brunch or even dinner….

Rice – 1/2 qty
Combination of lentils, moong beans, moong dal etc – ½ qty

Whole Black Pepper – ½ tsp (optional)
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
Asofoetia – a pinch
Curry leaves – 1 sprig
Green chili – 2-3 nos
Fresh Coriander leaves – 3 tbsp
Onion – 1 nos (roughly diced)
Coconut shavings – 2 tbsp
Salt to taste

  1. Soak overnight rice and lentils etc
  2. Grind to fine paste along with other remaining ingredients. Your batter is ready (you can grind it coarse as well)
  3. Heat a griddle and with the help of a round, deep ladle pour the batter. Spread it with the help of the back of the rounded part of the ladle to get a round dosa
  4. Drop a little oil on top
  5. Flip and cook on the other side on low heat till light golden brown
  6. Serve hot with your favorite sauce / yogurt – pickle / yogurt- green chili / or just have as is!

* you can also add black chickpeas. However grind it separately and later combine with rice and lentils paste.

A friend of mine has say this — In Palghat Iyer lingo it is called ‘Malabar adai’… it is had with green chillies crushed into nice thick curd (yogurt) with a pinch of salt. Alternatively you can also have it with avial... There is another variation of this made with black urad dal (whole) mixed with rice. Experienced hands ‘pat’ a ball of the maavu (dough) on to a hot tawa… accompaniment, same as above! Thanks Harish for the info!



Rice Pancakes (Aapam)
Appam Pic Credit: Priya Q

Appam or rice pancakes with coconut milk is my favorite. Mostly I have it with chicken or vegetable stew… but in the month of September I will be sharing various other non vegetarian recipes that can be served with these rice pancakes or appam.

Soak in enough water the following 3 ingredients for 3-4 hours
Raw rice – 3 cups
Husked black beans (urad dal) – ¼ cup
Fenugreek seeds (methi dana) – ¼ tsp

Now grind the above along with ¾ of grated coconut and coconut water to a fine paste
Remove the paste into a container

Whatever remains of paste than remains in the mixer add a little water and heat in water in a pan till it forms a thick paste. Cool it and add it to the main paste, add 1 tsp sugar, salt and leave over night – This is your rice pancake / appam batter.

Next morning add 3 pinch baking soda dissolved in 1 tsp of water and add it to the batter.

Heat appam vessel or a small skillet (kadhai)…brush little oil and put one ladle of batter and swirl the skillet around so that the batter spreads in a circle. Close lid and let it cook in its own steam.

Rice pancakes are thinner on the outer edges and thick and soft towards centre.

Serve hot!

Till next time …happy cooking!

Bean Sprouts Dosa

Homemade baby food recipes

Bean Sprouts Dosa

High in Vitamin A sprouts are low on calories and very high on nutritional benefits. You can encourage your kids to have it in the form of healthy salad or make them some hot bean sprouts dosa!

Sprouted beans (moong) – 1 cup
Water – ¾ cup
Rice flour – 5 Tbsp
Salt to taste

  1. Grind to a fine paste bean sprouts along with water
  2. Add rice flour, salt and mix well
  3. Ensure the batter is devoid of any lumps. Add water if required to get a dropping consistency
  4. Leave the batter to stand for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Heat a non stick griddle (tawa) and pour in the centre of the griddle a ladle of batter and with help of the back of the ladle spread the batter evenly in circular motion.
  6. Drizzle little oil and allow it to cook
  7. The dosa automatically starts leaving sides when done on one side; turn it over and allow it to cook on the other side
  8. Fold and serve with sugar, jam, peanut butter or coconut chutney

*you can add fillings of your choice –  boiled and seasoned vegetables; seasoned cottage cheese etc!

Till tomorrow….happy cooking!

Vegetable Idlis

Homemade baby food recipes

Vegetable idlis

I don’t see why we grown up cant have this; but since we are in our baby food week.. this one is dedicated to them 🙂

Onion – ½ cup
Carrot – ¼ cup
Cabbage – ¼ cup
Grated coconut – 2 Tbsp

  1. To the idli batter add all the above ingredients and salt to taste
  2. Pour into greased idli moulds and steam for about 10-12 minutes
  3. Serve with sugar, sambar or coconut chutney

* you can add coconut milk at the time of preparing batter

** if you do not get idli rice and raw rice for batter use just parboiled rice along with dal

Coming up tomorrow …. Bean sprouts dosa

Happy cooking…!

Masala Dosa Recipe

Now if you already have tried your hand at making dosa (Indian pancakes)…lets move one step ahead and make its with some filling…yeh just like French Galette . You can be creative with your filling cooked spicy mutton / chicken to paneer (cottage cheese) and soya! Use what you like or comes to your mind.

Here, I have used potatoes. The standard Masala Dosa you would get in any South Indian restaurant across India served with chutney and sambar.

And if you have some left over masala (potatoes) you can either have it with hot puffed pooris or just make a plain quick sandwich 🙂 For the recipe of potatoes and poori…click here

A restaurant in Kochi called Pai Brothers is famous for its 57 varieties of dosas…yes you read that correct 57 different filling for each dosa…so what’s stopping you from getting creative? 🙂

Till next time…. happy cooking!