Profiterole Pic: Priya Q

This is definitely one of the dishes which gave me innate satisfaction. I tried it for the first time inspired by Masterchef Australia and how well it came out and unbelievably  simple to make! 🙂 Don’t go by the 16 pointer recipe. I have split each step and when you follow it, you will see how easy it is!

All purpose flour (Maida) – 1/2 cup (sifted)

Water – 150 ml

Butter – 50 gms

Eggs – 2 nos (lightly beaten)

For the filling

Icing Sugar – 3/4 cups

Cocoa Powder – 1 tbsp

Water – 2-3 tbsp

Double cream – 150 ml

  1. In a pan add water and butter and heat gently till the butter melts
  2. Increase the heat and bring the mixture to a boil
  3. Tip in all the flour in one shot
  4. Beat the ingredients with a wooden spoon till the mixture leaves sides and comes together into one ball. It should be bit stiff. Leave it to cool
  5. Preheat the oven at 220 degree C
  6. Add the eggs to the mixture little by little and mix with a electric whisk until the mixture is thick and glossy
  7. Lay the baking sheet on a tray and lightly sprinkle water over it
  8. With the help of a spoon place small walnut sized portions of mixture on the baking sheet. Leave gaps in between in case they spread
  9. Bake for 30 minutes until they are golden brown and risen well
  10. Remove from the oven and gently lift them and place it on a rack
  11. Make holes in each (I used the tip of my pastry brush to do this). Keep aside
  12. For the filling whip the cream in a bow till stiff and makes soft peaks
  13. Put the cream in a piping bag fitted with a plain or star nozzle
  14. Push the nozzle into hole of each puff and squirt a little cream inside
  15. Mix icing sugar, cocoa powder and water and mix well
  16. Drizzle this chocolate mixture over the prepared cream puffs and serve immediately

so till next time…have fun cooking 🙂

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