Green Chicken Curry


Coriander Chicken

This recipe has been contributed by Harsha Ramaiah. Harsha loves to cook and host parties for his friends as often as he can & coriander chicken happens to be his all time favorite!


Coriander leaves – (1 bunch, preferably 100-125gms)

Curry leaves (1 bunch – 100 gms)

Green chillies (depends on size and how spicy you like it)

Coriander seeds – 2 tbsp

Chicken – 500gms (even cubes, as small as you can, i make them less than 1 inch cubes)

Ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp

Nice thick curd (plain yogurt) – 1 cup

Salt to taste


  1. Make a nice paste out of coriander leaves, curry leaves and green chillies
  2. Crush coriander seeds ( i prefer to crush than grind as the flavor is better). Keep aside
  3. Heat oil in a flat pan (as i like all my chicken pieces to touch the pan) and add the crushed coriander seeds and then add ginger garlic paste
  4. Once the ginger garlic paste is cooked and the raw flavor has disappeared, add the coriander/curry/chilli paste. Cook till the oil separates
  5. Add the chicken and stir it well
  6. Add curd, salt and stir well
  7. Cover the pan with an airtight lid and let it cook. The chicken will ooze water and that is good enough unless you want to add water to make a thin gravy
  8. After 8-10 minutes open the pan and the dish sh1 cup should be cooked by now. You can garnish the dish with roasted cashews
  9. The dry dish goes very well as a short eats with drinks
  10. The gravy dish goes well with steamed rice, parantha, chappati or poori


Thanks Harsha for the recipe! 🙂


till next time…. have fun cooking!

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