Pie Crust


Pie Crust (in the making)


This can be the base for many savory and dessert dishes… I use it to make vegetable pies / fruit pies etc. I will share the recipe for it in the days to come….

For the pie crust

All purpose flour (Maida) – 250 gms

Butter – 200 gms (at room temperature)

Salt – 1 tsp



  1. Sieve the flour and Salt together
  2. Chop butter into tiny cubes
  3. Combine the butter into the flour gently with soft hands till you get a crumbly texture (you can see the butter chunks)
  4. Add little water and mix gently. Keep repeating till you get a sift ball. The key is to be gentle and soft while forming the dough to get crisp and flakier pie base
  5. Refrigerate the dough for a minimum of 20 min
  6. Flour the kitchen platform and very gently roll the into an elongated shape
  7. You will still be seeing bits of butter chunks giving it a marbled effect
  8. Fold the dough from one side till half and repeat with the other side to cover the just folded side. Flour both the sides and roll
  9. Repeat this process atleast 4-6 times to ensure you get multiple layers. Refrigerate overnight
  10. Next day roll the dough into a circle. Be gentle
  11. Grease the pie dish
  12. Gently place the rolled out dough over the pie dish
  13. Don’t pull the dough out; instead ease out the dough into the tray and it shrinks during the baking process
  14. Using a fork puncture the dough at various places and cover it with plain raw beans / lentils…etc and put the pie dish into the pre heated oven to BLIND BAKE* the pie crust at 185 degree C for 30-40 minutes
  15. Once the crust is crisp and brown. Take out all the beans
  16. Your pie crust is ready


Pie Crust (post baking)


*Blind Baking means where you are baking the crust without any filling. You use the raw beans and puncture the dough, so that the dough doesn’t puff and cave up.

**check out the Quiche recipe where the pie crust recipe is relatively simple and less time consuming


Till next time…. have fun cooking! 🙂







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