Healthy Snack

Healthy Snack Pic: Pooja

This healthy teatime snack from my little sister Pooja, reminded me of the Kottuparatha (a Srilankan preparation) albeit this one is a light snack and a healthy solution to your leftover chappatis / rotis (Indian bread)!

Leftover chapatti’s
Onion-one (big)
Capsicum (bell pepper) -1 no (small)
Carrot- 1 no (medium)
Cumin (Jeera) -1 tsp
Red chilli powder- ½ tsp
Ginger garlic paste-1 tsp
Soya sauce- ½ tsp
Tomato ketchup- 1 tsp
Oil-1 tbsp
Pinch of Sugar
Salt to taste

  1. Dice the onions , capsicum & carrot in square shape
  2. Heat oil in a pan and add cumin.
  3. As you get the aroma from cumin, tip in onions. Rry till onions turn transparent pink
  4. Add capsicum and carrot and fry till the vegetables are cooked
  5. Add ginger garlic paste and stir
  6. Make small pieces of leftover chapatti’s and add it to the vegetables
  7.  Add soya sauce and tomato ketchup
  8. Add a pinch of sugar and salt
  9. Stir and keep it on medium flame for sometime
  10. Serve it hot along with evening tea / coffee

In the west people prefer sweet stuff with their tea. Well for them this can be a mini-meal option anytime during the day! And if you can easily replace the Indian bread with any bread of your choice…

thanks Pooja for this wonderful recipe!


till next time….have fun cooking!



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