Cooking Isn’t Rocket Science!!

Cooking definitely is not rocket science. A bit of planning and a bit of organised approach and last but not the least some creativity and you are spot on 🙂

Coming up next on Akshayapatram is single’s special. I will bring to you few quick recipes and recipes shared by my guest contributors who are single and love cooking. Their recipes necessarily might not be quick cooking but a bit of planning on your part can ensure you have a decent meal everyday despite your busy schedules.

Here are few kitchen tips    from my kitchen. These are few things I used to do when I was single and I still do when am a mom! A little bit of planning can reduce the time you spend in the kitchen. It really makes your life simple.

I take out some time out every weekend and stack my fridge with the some of the following (depending on what I plan to cook in the coming week)

  1. Boiled eggs (you can use it for sandwiches / salads / egg curry)
  2. Chopped veggies (as per my usage in next 5 days) and store it in air tight containers (use it up for salads or cook it as a main dish with your rice or Indian breads)
  3. Onion – tomato fried paste
  4. Boiled pasta (little quantity) …I love pastas and I end up using it for my salads too
  5. Sausages or Grilled chicken cubes (healthier option) …it’s quite handy for that quick sandwich when you are in a mood for a quick bite. Besides you can put it in your salad too!
  6. Sprouted moong ((use it up for salads or cook it as a main dish with your rice or Indian breads)
  7. Kneaded dough (coat it with oil and store it in an airtight container to avoid it getting black.)
  8. Boiled potatoes (for a quick sandwich or aloo paratha or salads)

Other things you can look at stacking your kitchen with are

  • Salad Seasonings
  • Salad Dressings (sometime I use them for my sandwiches!)

Have fun cooking! 🙂

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