Rice Pancakes (Aapam)
Appam Pic Credit: Priya Q

Appam or rice pancakes with coconut milk is my favorite. Mostly I have it with chicken or vegetable stew… but in the month of September I will be sharing various other non vegetarian recipes that can be served with these rice pancakes or appam.

Soak in enough water the following 3 ingredients for 3-4 hours
Raw rice – 3 cups
Husked black beans (urad dal) – ¼ cup
Fenugreek seeds (methi dana) – ¼ tsp

Now grind the above along with ¾ of grated coconut and coconut water to a fine paste
Remove the paste into a container

Whatever remains of paste than remains in the mixer add a little water and heat in water in a pan till it forms a thick paste. Cool it and add it to the main paste, add 1 tsp sugar, salt and leave over night – This is your rice pancake / appam batter.

Next morning add 3 pinch baking soda dissolved in 1 tsp of water and add it to the batter.

Heat appam vessel or a small skillet (kadhai)…brush little oil and put one ladle of batter and swirl the skillet around so that the batter spreads in a circle. Close lid and let it cook in its own steam.

Rice pancakes are thinner on the outer edges and thick and soft towards centre.

Serve hot!

Till next time …happy cooking!

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