August – September is the month for recipes from Malabar Kerala

Onam vannae
Creative Commons License photo credit: George Augustine

Onam this year is falling in the month of August. Onam, the most important festival for Keralites is celebrated across the state for 10 days amidst equal enthusiasm from all malayalees irrespective of their caste or religion.

Onam sadya or Onasadya is the grand feast made on the main day of Onam (thiruonam). Onam sadya traditionally comprises of 11 to 13 essential dishes however, these days people have started restricting to 6-9 dishes not only because of paucity of time but also diminishing consumption of food by the weight watchers. Onasadya is served on a banana leaf and people generally sit on the floor to have their meals.

In the spirit of Onam, I thought why not share all good Kerala recipes with you? Including the ones made specifically for the festival.

Sadya is purely vegetarian but all you non vegetarian food lovers don’t be upset, for I plan to dedicate the month of September just to you 🙂

So coming up this month and the next……few delectable, very healthy, coconut-y and not so coconut-y, spicy as well as moderately spiced Kerala recipes.

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