Garlic Rasam Recipe

Garlic Rasam

Well, most of us are aware the medicinal properties of Garlic. Garlic is more or less an integral part of our daily food habits. As quoted by following are few of the health benefits of Garlic

Effective in the treatment of high cholesterol and other heart related problems; helps in secretions of digestive enzymes; Garlic works as natural antibiotic by curbing bacterial infection and its growth; helps in reducing infections on open and bleeding wounds and also promotes healing; it has been used since ages as natural de-wormer in children; also very beneficial to cancer patients as it inhibits growth of cancerous cell.

Toor / Arhar dal-1/4cup
Tamarind – small lemon sized (soaked in water- squeeze to get juice)
Turmeric – 2 pinches
Black pepper powder – 1 and 1/2 tsp
Cumin (Jeera) – 2 tsps
Salt to taste

For tempering (tadka)

Fenugreek seeds (methi) – 1/8 tsp
Mustard seeds -1/2 tsp
Dried red chilli – 2 nos
Curry leaves – ½ a sprig
Asafoetida -1/8 tsp
Tomato – 2 nos (medium sized)
Garlic flakes –around 10 nos
Ghee or oil – 2 tbsp

  1. Cook dal and separate the dal water.
  2. Chop tomato and garlic into small pieces.
  3. Heat pan and to it add oil
  4. Now add mustard, red chili, fenugreek seeds and garlic.
  5. Stir it and add tamarind water and boil till the raw smell of tamarind goes.
  6. Then add black pepper and powdered cumin seed, curry leaves, salt and cooked dal.
  7. Boil it for 3 seconds and finely add the dal water and again boil it.
  8. Once the rasam boils and rises up take off the flame and cover it tightly..

Till tomorrow…happy cooking!

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