Coming up next : Chutney Week

Creative Commons License photo credit: Matt Seppings

Sweet, hot, tangy or sour chutneys (or sauce) can be of very many types prepared using various vegetables and spices. It not only goes well as an accompaniment with the main course but also serves well with snacks. Quite simple to make chutneys are a must store for any one who has to whip up snacks in no time! For example houses with kids? 🙂

Chutney primarily a Hindi word has found its way into English vocabulary due to its popularity.  Coming up next on Akshayapatram varied range of chutney preparations for you..

it goes without saying that chutney recipes from your kitchen are most welcome:)

happy cooking!

2 thoughts on “Coming up next : Chutney Week”

    1. its very easy Pierre 🙂 give it a try … during my Europe travel i did teach few of my European friends some Indian cooking… now they are pro…and they love it 🙂


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