Kitchen Tip of the Day

The guest will arrive anytime.  You are almost done with you cooking when you decide to taste your curry a bit to see everything is just about perfect. And lo! you realise the salt is tad more. What do you do? Panic?

Nah! all you need to do is add a chunk of potato and see how it takes off the excess salt from you curry 🙂


till next time …..have fun cooking!

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Tip of the Day”

  1. thanks for the tip I will remember it !!
    I am Pierre a french foodie I have a blog dedicated to inventive french cuisine so come and visit my blog see you soon !!
    cheers from Paris Pierre


  2. Nice tips.My blog selected for an international cookbook contest. Please vote and help me win.If you like my blog show your kindness by providing a link on your blog.


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