Indian Pulao
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kirti Poddar

Come winters and the variety of vegetables that is available off the shelf is just amazing. The word pulao takes me back in time when hot steaming pulao used to make the freezing winters so very warm and enjoyable. That hot pulao and spicy raita enjoyed from the cosy comforts of home as you watched the fog… sigh! While I think about my good ol’ days…why dont you check out the recipe? :)…let me know how you liked it though!

Basmati Rice – 2 cups
Ghee – 3 Tbsp
Onion – 1 no. (big)
Carrots – 1 no. (cubed)
Potatoes – 1 no. (cubed)
Peas – 1/2 cup
Cauliflower 1 cup (cut into florets)
Salt To Taste
Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp (optional)
Cashew nuts and raisins – 2 Tbsp each (optional)

For Paste: grind the following ingredients
Ginger-1 Inch
Garlic cloves- 4-5 nos.
Onions – 1 no. (big)
Green chillies – 2-3 nos.
1/4 cup – Mint leaves
Cinnamon sticks – 1 no (big)
Cloves – 4 nos.
Cardamoms – 3-4 nos.

  1. Soak rice for half an hour.
  2. Heat 1 Tbsp of ghee in a pan, fry cashewnuts and raisins. Keep aside.
  3. Heat the remaining ghee in thick bottomed vessel and fry the ground paste for 10 minutes. Add the vegetables and mix well.
  4. Cook until the masala separates from oil and vegetables gets tender. Add turmeric powder.
  5. Add rice, salt, four cups of water and stir well. Cover and cook until the rice is done on slow flame. Stir once a while .
  6. Just before serving take the rice in serving bowl, add the nuts and mix well.
  7. Serve vegetable pulao hot with raita*

*check category raita for ideas

if you are a vegan substitute the ghee with the oil of your choice!

Till next time… happy cooking! 🙂

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