Raclette Recipe


This recipe I picked up from my friends in stunning city of Nice in France. Thanks guys!

The idea of using a Raclette machine might have originated to encourage or enjoy a single meal together with family and friends. Imagine the cheese getting melted on hot Raclette plates while you chit and chat sitting around it and in no time the cheese finds its way to your plate on top of the hot boiled vegetables in particular potatoes (Europeans love their potatoes!).

Recipe for raclette is pretty simple. Buy a Raclette machine which looks something like this.


Buy Raclette special cheese and place it on the Raclette plate which are hot. Once melted transfer it on top of boiled potatoes (cubed) or other boiled vegetables. Add bacon or meat of you choice on top. Sprinkle salt and pepper if required and serve it along with some salad!

Simple but quick and tasty. I am sure you will love it…I enjoyed it!

My personal tip : If you don’t have a raclette machine don’t panic. A hot oven will do the trick except that the experience will be different. Its done before it gets to the inner table that’s all! And if you don’t find the special cheese then do with any other cheese…well, when there is a will there is always a way πŸ™‚ Just that it cant be called Raclette! You choose the name and let me know too!!

Till next time….happy cooking! πŸ™‚


Meet Rosalie Courboulex…an independent working woman in the beautiful city of Nice in France and a mother to a even more beautiful daughter Elea πŸ™‚ Thanks Rosalie for introducing Raclette to me!

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